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As a modern guitar player, I really wonder how I ended up feeling at ease with sheet music.

I was 11 when my music education started.
At the time most teachers taught the notation system by explaining the full theory extensively first, then gave you a music sheet and challenge you to sight read it.
I've been there, that was so hard, frustrating and demotivating to do.
As a consequence, some students believed they had no talent for music in general.
The worst thing is, in most cases the teacher agreed!


Luckily for me, my beloved violin teacher was different.

He used to explain ONE single element of the notation system at a time, in a simple way, SHOWING how it sounds, having me playing it IMMEDIATELY.
He also INVOLVED me, by having me integrating the new element into the ones I already knew.
That's it.
This functional, frustration-free approach made total sense to me.
What I learned that way was quick to understand and stayed with me forever, even when I switched from the violin to the guitar.

The Read, Play, Write course is my own take on it, specifically formulated for guitarists.

After many years of teaching this method to my own private students with incredible results, “Read, Play, Write” is now available for everyone as an online program!

I can’t wait to have you in!

Marco Tafelli

Read, Play, Write.
Guitar Sheet Music Demystified

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Enjoy a step-by-step linear approach, with clear explanations and demonstrations.

Start from Zero

If you have never read a single note before, this is the perfect path to gain confidence with the music staff.

No Frills

Start reading, playing and writing notes on the staff immediately, since the very first lesson.

100+ Videos

including lessons, demonstrations, exercises, preparatory exercises.

60+ Pdf files

including music Sheets for exercises, preparatory exercises and DIY assignments.

30+ Mp3 files

Every exercise is available in mp3 format. When you can't watch the videos, just listen!

10+ Utility files

Practice every exercise with the included metronome files and drum beats.

You'll learn:

  • how to Read, Play and Write all the 29 notes of the first position and how to unlock the whole fretboard.
  • how to Read, Play and Write the most used note values and their corresponding rests:
    Half notes, Whole notes, Eighth notes, Dotted half notes, Dotted quarter notes, Sixteenth notes, Dotted eighth notes, Eighth-note Triplets.
  • how to Read, Play and Write Tied notes and the most typical combinations of values they generate.
  • how to Read, Play and Write accidentals: Flats, Sharps, Naturals.
  • how to Read, Play, Write and practice the 10 most typical key signatures for guitar and any other key signature, using the G-Clef, in a 4/4 common time signature.
  • how to Read, Play and Write Syncopation, Modulations, Hammer-ons, Pull-offs, Chords, Downstrokes, Upstrokes, Let Ring sections, Dead notes, Vibrato, Repeat signs.
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Learning Flow

The special order in which the elements are presented and integrated is what makes this method unique.
Expect anything but an ordinary, academic, bullet-list style.


The integration of selected elements is facilitated by in-depth, narrow-in exercises.
The element is first dissected singularly with a preparatory exercise, then integrated with the others.


Among the infinite number of possibilities the notation system can generate, this course is focused on the most frequent combinations you are likely to find in real-world music.

You'll like it.

However, joining "Read, Play, Write" is risk free.
We do offer an unconditional 14 days money back guarantee.

Read, Play, Write.


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